A Teenage Fanclub Education: Euros Childs

It’s dead easy to list the most obvious influences of Scotland’s Teenage Fanclub. He’s read them so often, founding band member Norman Blake can rattle them off at the drop of a tam: Big Star, Byrds, Beach Boys. Pigeonholing the Fanclub’s melodic-yet-rocking sound becomes a little more dicey. Though most of the cornerstones of power pop—Posies, Flamin’ Groovies, Matthew Sweet, Velvet Crush, Tommy Keene, Alex Chilton—don’t think much of the label, it seems to be the only one that’s stuck. If they keep this up for another five years or so, Teenage Fanclub, which opened for business in the mid-’80s when Blake met fellow Scots Raymond McGinley and Gerard Love, might surpass the Groovies for career longevity, a career award that usually precedes only the obit in a band’s publicity dossier. And yet, the group’s new album, Shadows (Merge), is as vital as anything TFC has ever cut, adding fuel to the proposition that some artists come up with their best work after turning 40. Blake and Love will be guest editing all week. Read our Q&A with Blake.


Norman: Euros Childs was the singer in my favourite Welsh band, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci. He has made a number of solo albums, the most recent one being Son Of Euro Child. It’s a wonderful record. You’ll be wanting to click on this link, as it takes you to Euros’ website, where you can download the album for free. Yes, free!!!!!! He is a great friend and a very talented and funny guy, and hanging out with him is the best. Together, we have a band called Jonny, and we plan to release some music later this year. Euros is very prolific and is constantly working on new songs. I love him, and I’m sure that many of you will too. Other Welsh bands worth checking out are Race Horses and El Goodo.