MP3 At 3PM: Alan Cohen Experience

If you thought the concept album was a dying breed, let us introduce you to the Alan Cohen Experience. The Boston band’s newest album, Space & Time (out August 31 on FamJam Records), was inspired by Stephen Hawking’s book A Brief History Of Time. It wouldn’t be our first inclination, but Cohen was inspired to write blithe, sing-along pop music while reading about heavy scientific themes explored in the book such as gravity, magnetism and black holes. “Arrows Of Time” is a breezy summer jam about Hawking’s concept of the same name. And here are bonus mp3s for “The Uncertainty Principle” and “Einstein.”

“Arrows Of Time” (download):

“The Uncertainty Principle” (download):

“Einstein” (download):

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I agree – check out Doomsday Lovers Cd-album because what we have here is also “an album” – the type you put in your car player and go on auto-pilot because suddenly you enter another world. Thank you for renewing the concept of an album.

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