From The Desk Of Cowboy Junkies: Vic Chesnutt Lyrics

When Margo Timmins strolled up to the microphone in her low-cut black cocktail dress, wrapped in a scarlet shawl, with a rusty shock of hair draped over one eye a la Veronica Lake, even if you’d never seen Cowboy Junkies before, there was no mistaking her star power at the Villa Montalvo’s Garden Theatre in the summer of ’09. Timmins and two of her brothers, Michael on guitar and Peter on drums, along with bassist Alan Anton, have been doing the slow boil as Cowboy Junkies since 1985. As its name implies, the Toronto-based quartet specializes in quiet, ultra-slow tunes that might sound comforting to strung-out cowpokes hunkered down around a campfire after a long day rounding up stray dogies. Cowboy Junkies will be guest editing all week. Read our new Q&A with Margo.

Margo Timmins: Vic Chesnutt uses beautiful words such as “pummeled,” “decimate,” “hector,” “succumb,” “imbued with distractions,” “snazzy din din,” “debauched,” “wilted lily liver,” “solemn” and let’s not forget “death.” Every song rips my heart to shreds and always makes me feel better.