Jenny And Johnny Are Having Fun With: Sushi Nozawa

With I’m Having Fun Now (Warner Bros.), Jenny And Johnny are following in the grand tradition of girl/boy singing duos, a select conga line that stretches as far back as Sonny & Cher and X’s Exene Cervenka & John Doe to more recent warbling tandems like Mates Of State and She & Him. Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice are living proof the trend is still on the boil. Lewis cut her teeth in L.A.-based combo Rilo Kiley and has recently released two exciting solo efforts. Rice, a Scotsman transplanted to America as a teenager, has also issued a pair of solo albums and produced Lewis’ sophomore release, Acid Tongue, before teaming up with her for what could turn out to be the gold standard of indie-rock duos. Jenny And Johnny will be guest editing all week. Read our Q&A with Rice.

Johnny: Nozawa is like some kind of monastery with atrocious lighting. I go by myself, and my meal lasts about 25 minutes. Nozawa is satisfied with his little space, doesn’t want to expand and lose quality, and he has, in my opinion, achieved perfection in his field.

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