MP3 At 3PM: Crushed Stars

With a voice that’s an instrument all its own, Todd Gautreau (a.k.a. Crushed Stars) paints a serene picture of daydreaming through an overwhelmingly emotional and honest melting pot of guitar, piano and heart. “Black Umbrellas,” the opening track from Gautreau’s new Convalescing In Braille (Simulacra), transitions softly from syllable to syllable, creating an atmospheric and mystic experience that is both genuine and mesmerizing. The third album from the Portland, Ore., singer/songwriter, Convalescing In Braille was recorded with John Congleton (Clinic, Walkmen) and features Gautreau on most of the instruments and Jeff Ryan (Pleasant Grove, St. Vincent) on drums.

“Black Umbrellas” (download):

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