Film At 11: The Octopus Project

“Catalog” is the latest video from the Octopus Project‘s Hexadecagon (Peek-A-Boo), and it was directed by the awesomely named Wiley Wiggins, with quartz programming by Dan Winckler and Jim Bumgardner. Hexadecagon is out both on CD and as a limited-edition gatefold vinyl release with a cut-and-assemble zoetrope and 10 bonus “roulette” tracks that cannot be replicated on CD. According to the band, “The roulette tracks are bonus songs—all exactly the same length—cut to wax in concentric, interlocked grooves, such that the listener never knows which song is played when the needle is placed on the LP. All 10 tracks resolve to the same ending and drop into a single, final locked groove.” (We always thought the members of Octopus Project were from Austin, but now we’re thinking they live in Nerd City.) Watch “Catalog” below.