MP3 At 3PM: Belong

Belong is a band that only surfaces when it has something really compelling to offer up for public consumption. As such, the duo’s fans—a small but very devoted bunch—typically wait much longer than they’d like for Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones to release new material. That wait has ended today with the band’s release of its second LP, Common Era, via Kranky. And the world rejoiced. Rightly so because, as dense and moving as 2006’s October Language proved to be, the new collection is quite simply more realized. Where October Language served (very well) as a home listening or headphone record, Common Era is more immediate, filled with the same studied ambient, shoegazing production of the former but equally fixated on post-punk and psych-rock textures. It’s a combination that will remind listeners at times of M83, Deerhunter and Joy Division, though it’s to Belong’s credit that those indicators are more convenient for music critics than anything else. Common Era is undoubtedly its own feral and engrossing beast. Download a piece of the new Era below, via “Perfect Life.”

“Perfect Life” (download):