Adam Goldberg’s Heart Grows Fonder For: Mark Mahoney, Tattoo Artist

The Goldberg Sisters is the new musical project from Adam Goldberg, the always entertaining actor/filmmaker whose impressive resume includes the likes of Saving Private RyanDazed And Confused, Friends, Entourage, Zodiac2 Days In Paris and the Flaming Lips’ Christmas On Mars. The band’s 10-track, self-titled album (on Apology Music/Play It Again Sam) follows Goldberg’s 2009 musical debut, Eros And Omissions, released under the moniker LANDy. As with that project, The Goldberg Sisters finds Goldberg collaborating with Aaron Espinoza (Earlimart, Admiral Radley), though this time out, the duo was assisted by a handful of other musicians, including Goldberg’s girlfriend Roxanne Daner on violin. The result is a satisfying collection of effects-heavy, urbane psychedelia held together by Goldberg’s high-pitched, Lennon-esque croon. Goldberg will be guest editing all week. Read our new Q&A with him.

Goldberg: The reason I have so many tattoos. Were it not for Mark, it simply wouldn’t be. I wanted to own his art, and it’s the only art he sells. Brilliant, fine-line work. A scholar of the medium, of art itself, of architecture, design, clothes, music, speak and all that is cool. A Nan Goldin muse long before I dared to claim the same. Like John, Mark is a muse of mine who himself is far more talented an artist than any interpreter or documentarian could do justice. I have tried: lots of photos, a quasi-documentary used to pitch a television show and, most recently, he is the man in the video of my song “The Room.” The song’s title refers to Hubert Selby, Jr.’s novel. The song is loosely based on the tragic passing of the very soul who introduced Mark and me and, for that matter, introduced me to Selby years ago and who appeared in my film Scotch And Milk. So: Mark portrays a version of a version of this friend. Mega meta.

Video after the jump. Photo by Adam Goldberg.