The Soundtrack Of Our Lives’ Ebbot Lundberg Can’t Control Himself: Hållö (An Island)

We assume most MAGNET readers are already under the magical, musical spell of the Soundtrack Of Our Lives, but if not, 2011 is the perfect time to change that. The Gothenburg, Sweden, band just released Golden Greats, No. 1 (Little W/The Orchard), a 19-track compilation of songs from throughout the group’s career. TSOOL formed in 1995 after the demise of Union Carbide Productions, a great, punk-leaning band featuring vocalist Ebbot Lundberg and guitarist Ian Persson. Since, TSOOL has released five studio albums and a handful of EPs and non-album singles, earning a Grammy nomination for 2002’s excellent Behind The Music. Lundberg will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new Q&A with him.

Lundberg: Hållö is a small island outside Smögen on the windy and beautiful west coast of Sweden. There are no people living there, but you can stay and live at a hostel anytime of the year. But most people go there in sailing boats during summertime. It is a magical place and looks like a piece of Sahara desert in the ocean. Almost like a painting by Salvador Dali with its strange red-like colours. It’s a perfect place for snorkeling and exploring different kind of rock formations. Most of them formed by erosion during the last ice age. And it inspired the Soundtrack Of Our Lives in the beginning of our career. There’s even a tribute song on our first album called “Theme From Hållö.” It’s simply a place called paradise.

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