What Record Are You Most Looking Forward To Next Week?

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43 replies on “What Record Are You Most Looking Forward To Next Week?”

Owl City, definitely πŸ˜€

Adam played the whole album for us today and it’s AMAZING.

has to be B.A.R.K. !! looking forward to june 14th release (and hoping for some local shows hamilton/toronto area!).

funny how ATBAB are beating every other album by oh.. i dunno LIKE OVER A THOUSAND VOTES.

ATBAB HOOT HOOT! All of the Owl Army is gonna defeat this Emily’s Army by a long shot. πŸ™‚

^^^^ The fact ATBAB is winning by a thousand votes tells me they we have heard of Owl City. HOOTOWLS FTW!

Of Course,
Don’t Be A Dick,,

Besides being the best, take a look how the Group benefits others!

Don’t be a dick, owl city sucks and you know it! Just cause they have more publicity doesn’t mean their better!!! Emilys army could kick your butt at any time of the day!

I don’t love Owl City because he’s popular, I love him because he’s amazing and he changed my life.

We’re gonna win this for his sake no matter what.

Owl city is a one man band and all his sounds are synthesized. Clearly Emily’s Army will win because they know how to play a real instrument. And if you knew anything, you would know that they aren’t just a band. They support cystic fibrosis off the stage!

Emily’s Army deserve to win. They’re like aged 15-17 and are extremely talented musically. Not many 15-17 year olds can say they have a record out and that they already have a pretty big fan base considering they’ve mostly only played shows in the Bay area. Plus, they got where they are today for charity. Enough said really.

I’ll definitely say that I want Owl City to win, because frankly His music has changed my life, and definitely for the better. (and I am currently listening to the album due to it’s release today, and it is truly spectacular) But I do have a few things to say to you all;

First off, how about we support our favorites without insulting other bands. It’s impolite and unpleasant to read. If you want to shed a good light on the band and get more people to support them. And instead of insulting the people who prefer another band over your favorite why don’t you try and accept them for their different music tastes.

And my Hoot Owls! Yes, yes, we want to win and all, of course, but the all caps “HOOT OWLS ARE THE BEST THING” is annoying to everyone, even me, and I know I can be quite the obnoxious hoot owl sometimes (No regrets there! :D) But when we talk we are all about being accepting and kind to each other, and complain when people put down other fanbases, but here you are doing exactly that.

And you who said that Adam’s work is all synths while Emily’s Army “Knows how to play real instruments” I’ll have you know that Adam can play Guitar, piano (Both grand and electric), drums, and electronics. Also to point out that electronic music is a lot more challenging to create than people give it credit for. There’s more to it than just knowing how to play an instrument. His music is also deep (If you’re deep enough to listen to the meaning) and he has the ability to create several different styles of music whilst staying true to his own style. He has a quite a bit of talent that people don’t appreciate.

And for you who said that we only like him because he has more publicity, well yes, I may have never heard of ‘Emily’s Army’ or really any of the other bands on here, but in all honesty I didn’t start listening to Adam’s music because it was popular (Actually I was about a year late in the trend) but because it made me feel better. And it’s not like He was one of those people who was searching for fame, it just happened to him, and he truly deserved it.

Ok, yes that was a bit of a rant, but can’t we all just have some dignity?

Brennan. Lol. Your comment is so contradicting.
“Just because THEY have more publicity doesn’t mean THEY are better.”

‘They’ obviously don’t have much publicity, because if ‘they’ did, you would know it isn’t ‘they’ it is ‘he.’ As in ONE.

Owl City rules, and ATBAB is… Well.. Beautiful ^_^.

Obviously definitely, Owl City All Things Bright And Beautiful always the best among the best

I like Emily’s Army as well as Owl City, but I voted for Emily’s Army because this is their first album and I’m excited that it’s coming out! But I’ll be happy if either one of them wins! πŸ™‚ Go EA and OC! πŸ™‚

Emily’s Army all the time! fuck you and your band! its all about Emily’s Army!

Emily’s Army – Don’t Be A Dick, Its nice to see kids my age listing and playing good music instead of all that pop crap
Emily’s Army FOR THE WIN!

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