From The Desk Of Oneida’s Kid Millions: Monster Island And Secret Project Robot

In 2008, Oneida began the Thank Your Parents triptych with Preteen Weaponry. Since, the Brooklyn band—Kid Millions, Bobby Matador, Baby Hanoi Jane, Showtime and Barry London—has completed it with 2009’s Rated O and the new Absolute II (Jagjaguwar). The quintet is touring Europe in August and is also playing the Asbury Park, N.J.-based All Tomorrow’s Parties in October. In addition, Millions will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new Q&A with him.

Millions: Now that this building/collective is about to come to an end—in a few months the space will revert back to the landlord and probably get torn down and turned into a Whole Foods—we can look back at this amazing space and collection of people at a slight remove. Being there has always been coupled with an awareness of the rarity and uniqueness of the situation. With all the warts, it’s the closest I’ll likely ever come to being part of a utopian community. We all did it without outside support aside from our community of friends and colleagues. It was and is an incredible experiment that I think will likely be remembered and cherished. But that was never the point anyway.

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