MAGNET Returns As A Monthly Print Magazine!

We are thrilled to announce that MAGNET has relaunched as a monthly print magazine this month. We encourage all existing subscribers and industry people to email us their current mailing and email addresses ASAP. (Please put “MAGNET Contact Info Update” in the subject line.)

10 replies on “MAGNET Returns As A Monthly Print Magazine!”

Well done, guys and girls, as your genre(s) of music haven’t been very well represented since you gave up the print side of the equation. I’m personally hoping those irritating twats Andrew Earles and Phil Sheridan are invited back into the mix, as those are my kind of irritating twats. I miss their self absorbed wit, as there’s plenty of fence-riders out there writing about music (and everything else) these days, and those generic types have nothing substantial or entertaining to offer.

This is awesome. Can’t wait to get my copy in the mail. Any plans to make a digital e-version as well?

Really, Magnet? For real? You’re gonna chuck a new issue through my mail slot (after how many years?) and really? you’re gonna have fucking Wilco on the cover? Jesus Christ! What’s the point? I have a good idea. Put Guided By Voices on the next issue. Christ! I thought someone was returning my recycling from eight friggin’ years ago. Wilco! Fuck me!
Jeeze-oh-man guys, I know that you’re all just shilling for the music biz, that the front page goes to the highest bidder, that the more the label pays the bigger the spread, (which absolutely floored me when I found out by the way) but I’d think someone over there would have a little, oh, I don’t know… I really don’t. Keep you’re damn magazine or take a friggin’ look around.

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