MP3 At 3PM: Spielgusher

Opening akin to college lecture or weather forecast, Spielgusher’s “Begins With S” immediately proves itself surreal. The jazzy, almost deconstructed beat, provided by Yuko Ataki and Hirotaka Shimizu (Cornelius) and Mike Watt, is pervaded by the spoken-word lyrics of journalist Richard Meltzer, creating a entertaining, if-baffling experience. There is no denying the avant-garde quality of the song, which trots along to Meltzer’s narration, before finagling ending with a pun, of all things. Spielgusher’s self–titled debut drops January 12 via Watt’s Clenchedwrench label, and we are proud to premiere “Begins With S” on today below.

“Begins With S” (download):

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I was hoping Richard’s voice would be little louder in the mix. I am looking forward to the whole record.

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