From The Desk Of Wooden Wand: “King Of The Hill”

James Jackson Toth (better known by his nom de plume, Wooden Wand) and MAGNET go way back. We’ve been rabidly following his prolific, genre-eschewing career over the last decade: 100-plus records and counting, from short run seven-inches and handmade CD-Rs to major releases on some of the world’s most respected indie labels, including Kill Rock Stars, Ecstatic Peace and Young God, covering everything from the freakiest of folk to the most American rock ‘n’ roll money can buy. We’ve been lucky enough to have him as guest editor of a couple of other times over the years, and he’s hooked us up with great mix tapes and been a constant source of great discussions about music. Toth will be guest editing all week. Read our new Q&A with him.

Toth: There is a Facebook group called Dudes Who Cry While Watching King Of The Hill, and I am a proud member of said group. After The Honeymooners, this is my favorite television show of all time. Satirical without being judgmental, poignant without being mushy and hilarious without resorting to cheap cartoon gags, Mike Judge’s King Of The Hill was brilliant right to the end of its 13-season run. Of course, the show no longer airs, and Fox has inexplicably quit releasing the series on DVD; guess they weren’t selling. If only they had made more jokes about felching and bulimia.

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