Juston Stens And The Get Real Gang Make MAGNET A Mix Tape

After five albums, six years and countless tours with Dr. Dog, former drummer Juston Stens thought it was about time for him to spread his wings and fly solo to Tucson to embark on a new career as a solo artist. Stens’ debut LP, Trash Or Treasure, is out now. Check out the cool mix tape he and his band, the Get Real Gang, made us below.

“Edge Of The Moon” (download):

The Troggs “Our Love Will Still Be There”
Juston: Place the needle into the groove of this old tune, kick of your shoes, grab your baby and rock together gently across the floor. Not too fast. Not to slow. Try not to play this song again and again. I dare you. Video

Giant Cloud “Old Soul”
Jerry: The first time I heard Giant Cloud I thought I had figured out the universe. This song in particular encompasses everything I love so much about them. It’s all over the place in all the right ways; there’s a stark sincerity in everything going on here, an underlying charm that warrants a title like “Old Soul.” The voices are so perfectly delicate they can break your heart. Soaring harmonies weave in and out to a point where two voices sound like four. Splashes of soaking-wet guitars sound like they came from pre-Neil Armstrong outer space. I’m left feeling like I just did more than listen to a song. In a series of decays and explosions I think they hit at every meaningful human emotion I’ve got. By the time it’s finished I don’t know if I’m supposed to cry or shout triumphantly. This song, and anything else by Giant Cloud, is everything that music can and should be for me. Video

Mates Of State “An Experiment”
Collin: This is one of my favorite songs. My original copy of the album (Team Boo) was messed up and skipped, and I always just thought that was what the song sounded like. Then I heard the real version about four years later and fell back in love with the song. I named my solo project after it, and feel like this song and I connect uncontrollably. Video

Demian “Todd’s Tune”
Josh: I chose this particular song for one reason. It is about the love of music. No matter if you lose everything you own or love, you will always have your music, your one song. I really appreciate the message. Those are the only words to live by, at least for me. Demian/Bubble Puppy is a lost gem from the late-’60s San Antonio psychedelic rock scene. Poor management and bad luck decided their fate, but the music lives on and has a hell of a story to tell. Video

The Idle Race “Imposters Of Life’s Magazine”
Steven: This song really gets my bones moving when I hear it, along with other tunes from Jeff Lynne. You can say I’m a mega fan of Mr. Lynne. Mostly everything he was a part of has a place on my top favorites. Lately I can’t get away from ELO. It seems like everytime I turn on the radio there is a song of theirs playing. It never makes me upset though. Video

Rockin Horse “Don’t You Ever Think I Cry”
Juston: One of the best things about touring is the sharing of music with tour mates. I was turned on to this little known rocker by Dan Auerbach while touring with Dr. Dog supporting the Black Keys. The vocals are sweet and seemingly effortless. As rocking and fun as this song gets, you can hear the emotion in the every beat and breath of the lead vocals. Video

The Meters “Cissy Strut”
Jerry: This song pretty much does the talking for itself. The groove is just so slippery tight and cool, look out. Just go listen to it. Try to maybe do it in front of a few people, maybe even the babe you’ve got your eye on. You’ll look cooler, you’ll feel cooler. Just by understanding this, you’ll be one step closer. I promise. Video

Anathallo “Italo”
Collin: I can’t not be happy listening to this tune. It makes me think of dreams and the climax of adventures right before your eyes open. The voices, the music, the structure all blend beautifully into a song that when I listen, I am serene and happy. Video

The Fling “Wanderingfoot”
Josh: This song is well-crafted in my opinion. It has great melody, sweet harmonies and great instrumentation. This song always seems to be swimming around in my head somewhere, at any given moment. The Fling know what they’re doing, and it excites me to know that they’re not finished. Video

Drug Rug  “For The Rest of Your Life”
Steven: This band is from Cambridge, Mass., and I heard of them a few years ago. I’m glad that I did. It’s always nice to hear a good rock ‘n’ roll song that wasn’t recorded 40 years ago. Really anything with a lo-fi sound grabs the attention of my ears. I hope you enjoy. Video