From The Desk Of Phenomenal Handclap Band’s Sean Marquand: AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies

Phenomenal Handclap Band is the one that was never meant to be: an initially loose collective of musicians who wanted to stray away from the show circuit and focus on production. However, demand for PHB exploded following the release of hit single “15 To 20,” resulting in this diverse group of musicians stepping back into the spotlight for two albums, including the new Form & Control. We invited Sean Marquand, one of PHB’s founding members, to guest edit this week. Read our recent feature on the band here.

Marquand: I’ve been working my way through AFI’s 110 Years…100 Movies list. It’s a great list that includes masterpieces (Midnight Cowboy, Sunset Blvd., The African Queen), flawed but great films (One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Network, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner) and some I can’t really comment on (Dances With Wolves, Forest Gump, Doctor Zhivago). The AFI list grants a look into some of the finest American films ever made, and it also pads them with the ones that aren’t actually as good, but matter culturally to U.S. history.

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