Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner On “Buttons”

After the 2009 overdose of his close friend and collaborator Vic Chesnutt, Kurt Wagner says, “I didn’t reall know how to go about doing the music part of [Lambchop] anymore … It took me a while to get my head around the idea of making music without knowing that he was there.” So, Wagner headed into his art studio and began work on a collection of 20 black-and-white portraits of young men in formalwear, entitled Beautillion Militaire 2000. It wasn’t until their completion that Wagner could wrap his head around songwriting again. In a series of 11 videos directed by Zach Spiger and edited by Devin DiMattia, Wagner expounds on Mr. M (Merge), the process and the songs. MAGNET is proud to premiere all of the videos as part of Lambchop’s guest-editing week. Check out our recent feature on the band.