From The Desk Of The Twilight Sad’s James Graham: Alcohol

On their latest, No One Can Ever Know (FatCat), Scotland’s best musical export since the Jesus And Mary Chain tear down their walls of guitar noise to reveal the icy synths beneath. For fans, it’s a radical departure for the Twilight Sad that’s nevertheless easy to digest, as frontman James Graham’s distinctive Scottish vocals and gloomy lyrical outlook remain front and center. Graham will be guest editing all week. Check out coverage of the Twilight Sad in issue #85, as well as our extended Q&A with Graham.

Graham: I’m going to be honest, we’re Scottish and we like a drink or two. We’ve been guilty in the past of drinking too much whilst on the road, but we were young and still learning about touring and generally being in a band. Andy likes vodka, Mark likes vodka (or a voddy, as he calls it), Dok likes whiskey, Johnny likes everything, and I like vodka, red wine and cider. We all like a drink that is frowned upon and blamed for a lot of crime in the Glasgow area. It’s called Buckfast Tonic Wine, and it’s made by monks in Devon but has become very popular in Scotland. It has 12 cans of Coke worth of caffeine in one bottle, and it’s like wine, Red Bull and cocaine all in one bottle. I enjoy the taste, but it’s not a classy drink. There’s thousands of videos on YouTube of NEDS (non-educated delinquents) downing or chugging a bottle down in one. A few drinks can help kick the nerves before a gig before going on.

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