From The Desk Of The Cult’s Ian Astbury: Sunn O)))

Ian Astbury is so much funnier than we imagined. The Cult, his mighty metal-crunching band with guitarist Billy Duffy, has just released Choice Of Weapon (Cooking Vinyl), the newest and best Cult album since 1994’s The Cult. In our Q&A with him, Astbury takes down those who make themselves authoritarian without merit—music journalists, politicians—in a fashion similar to his highly personal lyrical outlook on Weapon. He is guest editing magnetmagazinecom all week with the same candor.

Astbury: The only band I have ever experienced whose performance silenced me into transcendent communion, with ecstatic visions of ragged mountain peaks and forests ablaze in my skull. I felt the same way after making it through a whiteout snow storm in the Himalayas, utterly transcendent. Not for the faint of heart.