Kayln Rock Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape

Kayln Rock‘s debut, Passenger, is a sweetly emotional, lyrically witty album about love and relationships. “Relationships are my biggest inspiration because, when you’re in love, there’s always that balance between romance and realism,” says Rock. And Passenger exemplifies that balance with ease and lightness. Download album track “Alex The Great,” and get into the mix tape she made MAGNET below.

“Alex The Great” (download):

Pete Yorn “Crystal Village”
Mr. Yorn takes the post-break-up cake on this track, summarizing a love lost so eloquently. Video

Nickel Creek “Helena”
Nickel Creek: 1,000,000,000 points. Helena: 0. Video

Metric “Sick Muse”
I never knew cynicism could sound this exciting. Video

Elvis Costello & The Attractions “Everyday I Write The Book”
Analogies loiter around the verses of this song, and I couldn’t find it more appealing if I tried. If I make you a personal mix with this song on it, it very well means that I would like to be your little spoon. Video

Ben Kweller “Wasted And Ready”
This song encompasses the feeling I get while watching teen films from Dazed And Confused to Superbad, which was that of regret for going to bed early and staying in on weekends when I was 17, which is now what I realize your 20s are for. Video

The Verve Pipe “The Freshmen”
This song is my “Desperado” (refer to Seinfeld handbook if confused). Video

Guster “Diane”
The first time I heard this song I was in my grandma’s car, and though I learned later on that she was not impressed with my taste in tunes (an incident that we’re still trying to get past), Guster has never stopped impressing me with poignantly potent songs about relationships. Video

Fleetwood Mac “The Chain”
For best results, drive alone with the volume turned up to 11. Video

Death Cab For Cutie “We Looked Like Giants”
Ben Gibbard could write about eating a sloppy joe and win a lyrical Pulitzer Prize for it. This song is the perfect example of what makes the sounds and stories of Death Cab’s music so irreplaceable. Video