From The Desk Of Redd Kross’ Jason Shapiro: Multi-Guitar Cases For Travel

Redd Kross just released its first album in 15 years, which we honestly didn’t think was going to happen. Researching The Blues (Merge) is as close to our Platonic ideal of what a rock ‘n’ roll record should sound like: punk-rock fury mixed with power-pop hooks and tinged with a fringe of psychedelia. Researching embodies the best of what the band has done since it started out 34 years ago (during the first wave of L.A. punk) and continued throughout the ’80s and ’90s while taking perpendicular approaches to the prevailing trends of the era. In an age where the tenets of genre conventions and the rigidity that once separated sounds and scenes are no longer relevant, Redd Kross returns as prodigal sons. Brothers Jeff and Steve McDonald, Roy McDonald (no relation) and Jason Shapiro will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new feature on them.

Shapiro: I’m still trying to find the perfect case for carrying multiple guitars on airplanes and tours. The best one I found is by Scott Dixon. They were sold by Fender for a while, and then discontinued. Travel restrictions are usually 50 pounds. The case I got can fit three guitars and is just less than 50 pounds. It’s made of aircraft aluminum — very tough and lightweight. I believe you can still order direct from Scott Dixon U.K., but they are not cheap. I got two Les Pauls and one Strat in there no problem. The only problem is the one I have won’t fit my 335, Flying V, Gibson Firebird or Jeff’s Guild Thunderbird. They do make triple-bass cases, which are taller and should fit the Firebird and Thunderbird and Steve’s Fender Precision bass, and double acoustic cases, which should fit the 335 and Flying V. I guess I need to get all three! Hey, Scott, how about a sponsorship? I better write him an email.

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