Malka Spigel Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape

Malka Spigel has walked an amazing path to become the established musical icon she is today. Starting out in the ’80s, she picked up bass to play in Minimal Compact, the now vastly successful Israeli post-punk band. In 1985, she met and collaborated with Colin Newman of Wire, and married him the following year. The two collectively started the Swim label and have released music constantly over the past two decades, including that of their band Githead. At this point, most would be content to rest on their laurels, but Spigel continues to create music, with a new album, Every Day Is Like The First Day, out on Swim this week. We’re impressed and flattered she took the time to make the following mix tape for MAGNET.

“See It Sideways” (downlooad):

Toy “Motoring”
It’s got the krautrock motorik, the freshness of a young band, it’s psychedelic, and it’s cool. What more can you ask for? As one half of Githead’s rhythm section, I can relate to the drive of it. Video

Boards Of Canada “Dayvan Cowboy”
While I can listen to this as a separate track, it’s made totally magical by the video. For me this is perhaps the best marriage of music and video ever! Video

Robert Wyatt “Sea Song”
Robert Wyatt is one of the most “real” artists I’ve ever heard. His music is unmistakable and timeless. This is a most amazing love song and the opposite of cheesy with it’s lyrical absurdity. Try to track down the demo version, just him and the piano. Really touching. Video

PJ Harvey “A Girl Like Me”
I have a lot of respect for PJ Harvey, but this is the best thing I ever heard by her. It has a kind of lo-fi quality to it, but the voice is so definite in delivery, you know she means it. Video

Nico “These Days”
So beautiful, so sad. It’s touching and somehow very direct. You have a real sense of someone reflecting on their life with total honesty. Video

Electrelane “The Invisible Dog”
The distant dog bark is so evocative; another band who have the motorik groove. Electrelane always managed that elusive thing of being totally a female band but not in any obvious way, and they can definitely rock, also in a non-obvious way! Video

Veronica Falls “My Heart Beats”
At their best, Veronica Falls tick a lot of boxes for what I like, a bit shoegazey, Lush-like harmonies but also driving. I guess I could have chosen Lush, but this has a kind of freshness to it. Video

Bowery Electric “Fear Of Flying”
Bowery Electric’s music has an amazing, hypnotic quality to it, and this track is my favourite. I have no idea if the video is “official “or not, but it works really well. However, I also suspect you could use almost any other kind of visual footage and it would stick as the music has the quality to soundtrack almost anything! Video

Azealia Banks “212”
I love how she looks, I love how the voice is. It’s cheeky, groovy and totally minimal. Video

My Bloody Valentine “We Have All The Time In The World”
I’m a huge fan of MBV, and it’s kind of weird to choose something that’s not even their song, but the way in which they transformed this song is really magical. It’s beautiful, and I never get tired of it. Video