From The Desk Of The Joy Formidable: The Paintings Of Martin Wittfooth

JoyFormidableLogoLiving in the moment—and figuring out where you are when you get there—is something of a shared philosophy between Joy Formidable frontwoman Ritzy Bryan and bassist Rhydian Dafydd, one that serves them well regarding their just-released sophomore album, Wolf’s Law (Canvasback/Atlantic). After a much-raved-about debut, 2011’s The Big Roar, and gigs that spanned from intimate clubs to opening for Foo Fighters and Muse, expectations from fans and critics are higher than ever. Yet Bryan isn’t worried about expectations. “The only pressure that we ever put on ourselves is to write music that we can completely stand behind,” she says. “That’s just keeping yourself alive and excited and inspired by this band.” Bryan and Dafydd will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new feature on them.


Bryan and Dafydd: We met Martin in Brooklyn last year. He’d just started work on a new exhibition called Empire, and we were blown away by the paintings in his studio. They’re dramatic, fresh and modern in their subject but classic in their references, and we are so happy to have worked with him on on our latest album.

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