From The Desk Of The Veils: David Berman And “Menthol Mountains”

VeilsLogoTime Stays, We Go (Pitch Beast)—the Veils‘ 10-track, fourth release—is both patiently restrained and wildly emotional. It’s full of lush brass and sing-along melodies, moments of surf-rock guitar and beachside ukulele, and essential personal queries within the struggles of the human endeavor. It’s a small dose of Pixies, and definitely reminiscent of Talking Heads, with a nod toward Jeff Buckley. In other words, Time Stays has a familiar quality despite its newness, and it’s instantly likeable, much like frontman Finn Andrews himself. Andrews and bassist Sophia Burn will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new Veils feature.


Finn: After throwing in his shiny yamulka with the mighty Silver Jews, David Berman went on to publish Actual Air, one of my favourite collections of poetry in decades, and also write and curate for his blog, Menthol Mountains.

This online scrapbook covers a range of subjects, including the results of his first ever Google search in 2000 for “Civil War + Nude Girls” and a lengthy article about spontaneous male aggression shown towards unicyclists.

There are few people in the world we would like to hang out with as much as David Berman, and we wish he’d give us some more songs.

Until then, we urge you strongly to check out his blog.

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