From The Desk Of The Album Leaf: Ableton Live

AlbumLeafLogoPerils From The Sea is a collaboration between Jimmy LaValle of the Album Leaf and Mark Kozelek. It’s a set of long, somber songs that melds LaValle’s spacious, orchestral electronic instrumentation with Kozelek’s forthright and world-weary vocals. They’re transfixing, often beautiful, sometimes unsettling. The collaboration grew out of mutual admiration. Kozelek had seen LaValle play a few times, both in his old band Tristeza and the Album Leaf, and was impressed; and he is a fan, especially, of Torey’s Distraction, last year’s soundtrack album from the Album Leaf. LaValle will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on him and Kozelek.


Lavalle: Every musician knows of Ableton. I’d never found a need for it when it was introduced or most likely, I was completely intimidated by it and didn’t want to learn a new program and leave my comfort zone. I’ve since discovered it and am using it regularly now for writing. It has completely changed my creative process and workflow. It’s very easy to learn and use; the basic features that help your workflow during the writing process. Their simpler instrument rack allows me to sample my synths and create a midi-controlled keyboard that I can spread throughout octaves. For example, I can spread three of my old analog synths (Moog, Yamaha, Juno) spread throughout one midi keyboard. And their sampler instrument rack is great for creating custom drum kits. And creating new midi slices of audio to be triggered from drum pads is unreal. Where have I been? I’m sold! If you’ve not used it, try it.

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