From The Desk Of Mree: Curly Hair

MreeLogoMree’s second self-produced album, Winterwell, is a passionate blend of heartfelt acoustic folk and plush electronic textures, brought to life by her rich, multi-layered vocals. Mree’s lush harmonies float in and out of the mix like perfumed clouds, drawing you into a dizzying swirl of muted colors and ambiguous emotions. Armed with a guitar and an effects pedal that allows her to loop her vocals into an ever-shifting collage of sound, Mree is able to reproduce most of the album when she plays live. The New Jersey multi-instrumentalist will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new feature on her.


Mree: People always ask me if my hair is naturally as curly as it appears. Yes and no. My hair is naturally huge, wavy and frizzy. To get distinct, controllable curls, I just use Finesse hair mousse. After I comb my hair in the shower, I take a few sections, run a comb with the mousse on it through them and wrap the strands around my finger, scrunching the water out. After I get through all of my hair, I let it air dry, and that’s it! I love it because it doesn’t leave my hair with a weird crunch, as it would if I used gel. The curls are still soft and bouncy, and it’s really easy to do.

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