From The Desk Of Hebronix: Roger Hilton’s Gouache

HebronixLogoUnreal (ATP) is Daniel Blumberg’s first Hebronix album since leaving Yuck, the band he fronted from 2010 to 2012 and quit to “work on other things.” Now that it’s released, we can understand why he left. Produced by Neil Hagerty (Royal Trux, Howling Hex), Unreal isn’t Yuck, and it isn’t supposed to be. The clouds of guitar noise that saturate the album are quieter, moodier, more unsettling; the singing wearier, stretched thin as an old E string; and the songs more introspective, turning inward with lines like, “I’ve got some things to do/Some private things to do” and “I’m thinking about things/I already know.” Blumberg will be guest editing all week. Read our recent Hebronix feature.


Blumberg: From October 1972 until his death in February 1975, Roger Hilton produced hundreds of works in gouache on paper. He suffered from peripheral neuritis, which made him lose his mobility. This made his studio, which he’d use to make his bigger oil paintings, inaccessible, and he was forced to work from his bed. He also had a skin disease, which caused him great discomfort and even made him have to paint with his right hand instead of his preferred left hand.

I love these images, and I find it very inspiring and encouraging to see someone using their restrictions in such a positive way.

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