From The Desk Of The Faint: Composting

Nearly six years after the release of strangely desiccated 2008 album Fasciinatiion and one lengthy stroll down wait-is-this-a-hiatus-or-a-break-up? lane, the Faint has reemerged from the shadows to deliver up Doom Abuse—a vital, manic comeback triumph shellacked in an exquisite devil-may-fucking-care electro-sheen. Guitarist Dapose will be guest editing all wee. Read our brand new Q&A with him.


Dapose: What a waste it is that everyone in the world doesn’t compost. The first thing I noticed composting four years ago was that our trash can was never full at the end of the week. And it never smelled! My technique that I’ve been refining over the years goes quick and simple. I keep a 1 gallon glass jar in the kitchen with a big open mouth. Don’t hide it under the counter where you will ignore it. Right next to the sink. I fill it with everything vegetable and fruit related and tissue we buy that’s compostable. We cook mainly vegetarian, so the jar gets full in two or three days usually. In which case you see that it’s full, and you take it out into the garden. Here is where most of the variation will take place. I use 10-gallon black plastic pots that fruit trees came in that I planted in my yards. I recommend this technique because planting trees is the best thing you can do to off set all your dirty earth polluting crappy ways. So you fill the big buckets that already have holes in them to allow for ventilation. When one is full you shovel it into the next one, which turns the compost. Equivalent to stoking a fire. A very important part of good finished compost. High temperatures are achieved in my method inside the piles that sterilizes pathogens and unwanted weed seeds. You can scale this smaller or infinitely larger. Adding all your yard and garden waste will help give the pile new fresh material to feed off of. It’s like having a friendly pet that sits in your garden and makes the best organic soil for you all year around.