From The Desk Of The Wedding Presents’ David Gedge: Genesis

MAGNET kindly asked if I’d come back and guest edit again. This year has been a whirlwind for the Wedding Present¬†with touring, the festival in Brighton, recording the new Cinerama album, the Record Store Day singles and the deluxe reissue campaign of the first eight albums. There has hardly been a minute to sit still. So here is a little collection of little things in my life at the moment.


I suppose this rock band should be filed in my list of guilty pleasures. In these post-punk enlightened times, I suppose we all know better now than to profess a liking for progressive-rock bands, especially those who got musically worse and inexplicably more ridiculous as time progressed. But … well … those early records! Peter Gabriel dressed as a flower singing about unifauns and selling England by the pound. What is a unifaun, anyway? Marvellous stuff, nevertheless.