BEST OF 2014

Best Of 2014: Ambient


MAGNET’s Jakob Dorof picks the best ambient releases of the year

1  Bitchin Bajas Bitchin Bajas (Drag City)
2  Dolphins Into The Future & Lieven Martens Moana Songs Of Gold, Incandescent (self-released)
3  Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross Gone Girl OST (Columbia)
4  Kyle Bobby Dunn Kyle Bobby Dunn And The Infinite Sadness (Students Of Decay)
5  Lawrence English Wilderness Of Mirrors (Room40)
6  Jon Porras Light Divide (Thrill Jockey)
7  A Winged Victory For The Sullen Atomos (Kranky)
8  Christopher Bissonnette Essays In Idleness (Kranky)
9  Auburn Lull Hiber (Geographic North)
10 Nicholas Szczepanik Not Knowing (Desire Path)