From The Desk Of Bob Schneider: Charles Burns

Fourteen years removed from his major-label debut, Bob Schneider is still struggling to be heard. Does he care? You be the judge. Schneider will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new feature on him.

Charles Burns

Schneider: I started seeing this Black Hole comic book in comic-book stores about eight or nine years ago and was blown away by how scary and beautiful the book was, but couldn’t get a few of the books in the series. Then in 2008, Charles Burns published the entire series in one book, and it was a masterpiece. Since then, Burns has been writing a new three-part series, and the final installment just came out. A true genius and one of the best comic-book artists alive. Check out all three books, starting with The Hive, and work your way to Sugar Skull. So good.