From The Desk Of Failure: When Cats Dream

Failure’s new album, The Heart Is A Monster, is an unexpected surprise. After a two-decade absence and a parade of band/side projects, guitarist/vocalist Ken Andrews, bassist/vocalist Greg Edwards and drummer Kellii Scott reconvened to follow up 1996’s critically acclaimed and commercially ignored Fantastic Planet. Monster sounds contemporarily fresh, and yet still feels like a logical next step 19 years after its predecessor. Failure will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on them.

failure guest 12

Scott: I just found out that cats dream, and I immediately wondered what it is that they must dream about. Is it chasing and catching vermin all day? Maybe coming upon huge stashes of cat nip to roll in and become exceedingly intoxicated? Of course cat’s dream; every being dreams. I think they probably dream of being petted and scratched all day long while coming in and out of consciousness and with, perhaps, a mouse on a string to terrorize when they get bored of bliss.

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