From The Desk Of Failure: Virtuosity

Failure’s new album, The Heart Is A Monster, is an unexpected surprise. After a two-decade absence and a parade of band/side projects, guitarist/vocalist Ken Andrews, bassist/vocalist Greg Edwards and drummer Kellii Scott reconvened to follow up 1996’s critically acclaimed and commercially ignored Fantastic Planet. Monster sounds contemporarily fresh, and yet still feels like a logical next step 19 years after its predecessor. Failure will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on them.


Edwards: Sucked soulless. Recently, someone very close to me, too close in fact to even mention, pointed out guitar break number two on “Vampire Blues” by Neil Young, from On The Beach. Right from about 3:10—but listen to the whole song. “Good times are coming.” The cutest most deranged cripple of a guitar solo I’ve ever heard.

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