Film At 11: The Jigsaw Seen

Just in case you missed the irony dripping from “Have A Wonderful Day,” the latest video by Los Angeles’ Jigsaw Seen, we know these guys pretty well, and they’re not exactly glad-handers or back-slappers. And they’re not here to sell you a time-share in Yosemite. They’ve chosen some clunky home-movie footage of not-so-beautiful people spending a day at the beach, working up a sunburn that may turn into a visit to the dermatologist. They also intercut shots of the underbelly of a desert freeway overpass, littered with detritus from Col. Sanders, Wendy What’sername and Carl Somebody, Jr. If all else fails, Dennis Davison’s earnest vocals and Jonathan Lea’s Townshend-like fretboard work will pound the message into submission.