Essential New Music: Royal Trux’s “Hand Of Glory”


These are halcyon days, kiddos! While most of the world seems to be falling apart at the seams, ready to rupture from the endless backflow of bullshit, we couldn’t be happier. Yes, the climate is changing, the West Coast is burning and mass murder is a national pastime, but hey, we’ve got a new Royal Trux reissue to listen to! And the timing couldn’t be better, as our copy of the 2002 reissue of these early RT demos has been partied into oblivion. (Side note: Any of you nerds know how to dissolve a malt liquor and illicit powder-based cement that may or may not include various bodily fluids? Send us a letter.) Hand Of Glory, all two tracks/40 minutes of it, captures the Trux at its lo-fi freak-punk best, the perfect hot mess to bookend a hot, messy career.

—Sean L. Maloney