Phoning It In: “College Town”


They Might Be Giants have resurrected their ingenious Dial-A-Song concept by streaming a new song each week of 2015 at MAGNET’s Matthew Fritch reviews them all.

“College Town” would be a good name for an R.E.M. cover band. Instead, here it is the title of a plodding piano lament about a breakup and relocation to Michigan. It sounds like a long sigh, reflecting the apathetic viewpoint of the boy whose girlfriend is leaving him. This earns a 4/10 because it is one of those songs that could be a perfect b-side. This is a conundrum for Dial-A-Song. Advice to “College Town”: post on Craigslist. “B-side ISO LTR w/ a-side.” Good luck, little buddy.

File-A-Song: 4/10