From The Desk Of GospelbeacH: Drought

Brent Rademaker would like to think that GospelbeacH’s Pacific Surf Line is a celebration of our country’s two left coasts—though maybe he would’ve preferred a bit more Old Florida charm to counter the L.A. swagger. “I really wanted to make this album sound like the kinds of music I listened to growing up in the ’70s,” says Rademaker, a native of the Gulf Coast. By and large, though, Pacific Surf Line celebrates Rademaker’s return to Southern California. For a collective effort, the LP is surprisingly lean, with more refined nods to the Flying Burrito Brothers twang that informed Rademaker’s former group, Beachwood Sparks. GospelbeacH—Rademaker, Neal Casal, Jason Soda, Kip Boardman and Tom Sanford—isn’t afraid to broach the breezy accessibility of yacht-rock mainstays like the Eagles and Loggins & Messina, either. The band will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on them.


Rademaker: Our state, California, is dying of thirst. We are in the midst of the worst drought in history, and seeing as the bands I am in are known for the California sound, I thought I would share a few water-saving and ultimately life-saving tips (whether you’re in a drought-ridden state or not, it’s something that you should be reminded or made aware of).

Believe it or not, fresh water is our most precious resource, and it’s dwindling fast folks. Just like rock ‘n’ roll, we are in danger of drying up and blowing away forever. Do you think what you do matters? Yes! It totally does; the minute we as a society forget that, we are done. We, as human beings, are the only ones who create and destroy. It is all up to us … can we come together? I believe we can; so sit back put on some CSN or maybe After The Gold Rush and take a look a these helpful little tips on saving water.

Turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth
Don’t let the tap run while your staring at yourself in the mirror, going at your fangs like you’re scrubbing the floor of an army-barracks latrine after getting caught staying out past curfew with Riff Randell from Rock And Roll High School.

When you’re warming up the water in the shower… just hop right in
A little cold water never hurt anybody. It’ll wake you up, and you’ll save a lot of water while you’re waiting for your perfect temperature, my Lord or Lady.

Put the hose down!
Quit over watering your stupid lawn or washing your driveway and sidewalk with a hose. Try a broom and get your self some drought-resistant plants. All that debris and trash you wash down the storm drain goes straight to the ocean. If you have sprinklers, please make sure they are aimed at your actual plants or lawn and are on timers set to your specified day. All up and down our street, we see people watering the sidewalk. It’s sad and wasteful. Get a clue.

(And this is a real big one) Don’t use 12 gallons of water to wash one spoon
I work with people who actually run three minutes of water to rinse off the spoon they just stirred their coffee with. Put it in the dishwasher and wash ’em all at once. You’re not helping; you’re really hurting, and when your children are all fighting Mad Max style over water, not gas, you’ll thank me.

You don’t need to flush the toilet every time you go number one.
Of course, if you take the Browns to the Super Bowl or take a “huge Iggy,” by all means flush away. But if you’re just going to tinkle or drop a tissue, don’t flush it. Save up a couple of them, close the lid so you won’t see or smell, especially if you’ve been eating asparagus or taking a lot of vitamins, but you’ll save a ton of water. I don’t know the numbers; I just know every flush uses lots of water, so don’t flush it every time, cowboy.

Fix Your Leaks
Think about the Cure song “10:15 On A Saturday Night”: drip drip drip drip drip. That’s our future dripping dry while you’re too lazy to look up on the internet “how to” and send your partner down to the local hardware store (not Home Depot) and fix it! Or employ a plumber; most leaks are simple and cheap to fix. If you do have a leak, try sticking a bucket under it and gathering the water for your plants or for your dogs or even for yourself … it’s water, and it’s going fast. “Don’t let California drip dry” and while we are using slogans here’s another:  “Conserve water, shower with a friend”; it’s a very 70’s concept just don’t pull a Sting style tantric love-making session while you’re in there. Wash each other’s back and take it somewhere dry.

Read The Warning Signs
When you see the signs in the hotel rooms about using extra towels and how much water it takes  to wash those towels, put the two and two together and don’t overuse the towels! A little effort on your part, a very small effort this is nothing! Just do one thing! I don’t do a lot. I barely do anything,  but I do do something and that counts for something. You don’t miss your water until your well runs dry.