Essential New Music: Twin Peaks’ “Down In Heaven”


Anecdotally speaking, the fervor surrounding the revival of David Lynch’s surrealist mystery series is bound to translate a few errant Google searches of “Twin Peaks 2016” into new fans of the similarly named Chicago quintet. Those who stumble upon Twin Peaks (the band) probably won’t find themselves as perplexed as Special Agent Cooper waking up in the Black Lodge. They will, however, find themselves face to face with a sharp set of countrified garage boozers and bruisers.

Down In Heaven is the third full-length from Twin Peaks, and it’s undoubtedly their most solid collection. Using the rave-ups from 2014’s Wild Onion as a jumping-off point, the band takes the spit-take rock of the Black Lips and Deer Tick and injects it with hooks galore. From opening anthem “Walk To The One You Love” to the seething “Butterfly,” Twin Peaks’ group vocals give a rollicking party feel. The slower numbers land just as strongly (if not stronger), as the young crew shows versatility on the ambling “Cold Lips” and shimmering “Holding Roses.” Truly tender punks at heart, Twin Peaks are indeed not what they seem.

—Eric Schuman