Film At 11: SAVAK

SAVAK was the Iranian secret police established by Mohammad Reza Shah (aided by the CIA), so it’s no surprise that a band adopting the name would contain a bit of an edge. Best Of Luck In Future Endeavors (Comedy Minus One), SAVAK’s debut LP, features plenty of dread-fueled, post-punk angst tempered with catchy hooks—and it’s outstanding. MAGNET is happy to premiere the video for “Call It A Night,” directed by visual artist and drummer Alexis Fleisig (Girls Against Boys and occasional SAVAK skin-pounder). A Fidel Castro-esque figure watches the band on a black-and-white TV in a mobile home while flipping through a personnel file; after placing a phone call (“Have you dealt with them yet?”), he possibly receives his own comeuppance. But before that, he succumbs to the tune, bobbing his head to the beat. It’d be surprising if you didn’t do the same. SAVAK embarks on a European tour in October.