Film At 11: Nouvelle Vague

Nouvelle Vague released its Athol-Brose EP earlier this month and is gearing up for full-length I Could Be Happy in November. Today, we’re happy to point you in the direction of the band’s new video, a cover of the Buzzcock’s “Ever Fallen In Love.” The song takes on a quieter air in Nouvelle Vague’s hands, but loses none of the original track’s addictiveness. Check it out below. I Could Be Happy track listing and cover art after the jump.


1. Athol Brose featuring Liset Alea (Cocteau Twins cover)
2. Love Comes In Spurts (Richard Hell & the Voidoids cover)
3. I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones cover)
4. I Could Be Happy (Altered Images cover)
5. All Cats Are Grey (The Cure cover)
6. No One Is Receiving (Brian Eno cover)
7. Maladroit (composed by Olivier Libaux)
8. Algo Familiar (composed by Marc Collin)
9. Loneliness (composed by Marc Collin)
10. La Pluie et Le Beau Temps (composed by Olivier Libaux)