From The Desk Of El Perro Del Mar: Rose Water

A visit to a musical instrument museum with her toddler son inspired El Perro del Mar’s Sarah Assbring to recalibrate her pop sensibilities and work on what would become KoKoro. It was a “please-touch” museum where they could play the instruments, and Assbring fell in love with the percussion used in Indonesian gamelan music, and with harps from Asia and Africa. KoKoro looks outward, both musically and lyrically, to the world, and rather than a tender clinch, it’s a wholehearted bear hug of global pop sounds. Assbring will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on her.


Assbring: I believe in old-fashioned remedies, brought down by experience and knowledge and kept alive through generations. I’ve always had this love for rose water, love this scent and the taste, but it’s not until recently that I’ve been using it regularly for beauty reasons. It’s like a dream come true on your skin and for your hair. If I did believe in heaven, this is what I think you’d be served daily: rose water therapy served with fresh nan and rose lassi.