From The Desk Of D Generation: Azealia Banks’ “212”

Nothing Is Anywhere is NYC punk icon D Generation’s first new album in 17 years and includes the same scrappy gang from its eponymous 1994 debut: guitarist/producer Danny Sage, vocalist Jesse Malin, bassist Howie Pyron, guitarist Richard Bacchus and drummer Michael Wildwood. It’s a defiantly New York collection of working-class anthems that celebrates the band’s gritty urban past while sneering at the gentrification and pretentious poseurs corrupting its city’s culture. These old schoolers are back, angrier than ever and ready to take that fight outside. They will also be guest editing all week. Read our feature on them.


Sage: I think Rick (Bacchus) turned me onto her. I think “212” was easily one of the best singles of the past 10 years. She seems like she can do anything she wants. And I hope she does, musically, and steers away from the social-media bullshit that she seems to be wrapped up in. She seems like a genuine free spirit and talented artist, and we need more of that. I don’t know a lot about all the drama, her personal life and her Twitter finger, butI think she makes great records.