From The Desk Of D Generation: Alice Cooper’s “I’m Eighteen” 

Nothing Is Anywhereis NYC punk icon D Generation’s first new album in 17 years and includes the same scrappy gang from its eponymous 1994 debut: guitarist/producer Danny Sage, vocalist Jesse Malin, bassist Howie Pyron, guitarist Richard Bacchus and drummer Michael Wildwood. It’s a defiantly New York collection of working-class anthems that celebrates the band’s gritty urban past while sneering at the gentrification and pretentious poseurs corrupting its city’s culture. These old schoolers are back, angrier than ever and ready to take that fight outside. They will also be guest editing all week. Read our feature on them.

Sage: Here’s five minutes of video that had a huge impact on me, and on D Gen. Of course we were all big Alice Cooper fans. But in all the years we have had to read reviews (the good, the bad, the ugly), I am not sure anyone has ever mentioned the debt we owe in some kind of spiritual way to these five guys. I can remember sitting in Howie Pyro’s apartment in the ass-end of Greenpoint, Brooklyn (yes, pre-pre-hipster and on a VHS tape, not YouTube) and watching this video over and over again. Of course we loved the song. We love all the songs. I can clearly remember being a tiny kid and sitting in my dad’s car and hearing “School’s Out,” and just being overwhelmed, realizing that someone else knew everything I felt. All the frustration. But in this clip, there’s also this insane (“just a little insane”) look, feel and vibe to the whole thing. They’re shiny, dirty, chaotic, cool. It was something we related to. We started covering “Hello Hooray.” I took the “stop!” that you see AC do at the end, and threw it into our song “Feel Like Suicide.” Anyway, this was part of our starting place … and somehow never gets mentioned. They were a huge inspiration. Thank you, Alice, Glen, Dennis, Neal and Michael!