BEST OF 2016

Best Of 2016: Noise

MAGNET’s Raymond Cummings picks the best noise releases of the year

1 Morgan & Dilloway Live In A Basement To No One (Voice Throwing/Hanson)
2 Vanessa Rossetto/Matthew Revert Earnest Rubbish (Erstwhile)
3 Bergegas Mati Pop Neraka (Gerpfast Kolektif)
4 Dial Noise Opera (Dial)
5 Newagehillbilly These Are Not The Final Days (Spleencoffin)
6 Lea Bertucci Axis/Atlas (Clandestine Compositions)
7 Youko Heidy Spirit Jazz (Omanutu Sher iiima)
8 Vanessa Rossetto Adult Contemporary (No Rent)
9 Starvation Time House Of Dust (Marginal Frequency)
10 The Dead C Trouble (Ba Da Bing!)