From The Desk Of Glenn Morrow: Resident Alien’s “Ooh The Doo Dew Man”

Glenn Morrow is a Hoboken, N.J., music treasure. He owns the influential 31-year-old Bar/None label (Yo La Tengo, They Might Be Giants, Feelies, dB’s, Of Montreal). His bands, such as the Individuals and “a,” have helped put the Mile Square City on the indie-rock map for equally as long. His latest project is Glenn Morrow’s Cry For Help, which has a new self-titled album. Morrow will be guest editing all week.

Morrow: Sometime in the ‘90s I became the proud owner of a promotional one-song cassette for a rap group called Resident Alien. The song “Ooh The Dew Doo Man” was an instant gonzo classic. It reminded me of TMBG, Todd Rundgren’s goofier wizard moments and De la Soul—but really, it was its own thing. I eagerly awaited an album that never came. Some sleuthing uncovered the fact that Prince Paul was involved. Many years later I got to have a meeting with him regarding something to do with the TV show Adult Swim. It’s all a little fuzzy now, but I asked him about Resident Alien and he told me there was whole album that never came out because a record deal had gone south. He kindly mailed me a CD-R of the album because I was so enthusiastic. So I was surprised to find this video on YouTube. “The Dew Doo Man” lives!

Video after the jump.