BEST OF 2017

Best Of 2017: Metal

MAGNET’s Andrew Earles picks the best metal releases of the year

1 Sannhet So Numb (Profound Lore)
2 Boris Dear (Sargent House)
3 Pallbearer Heartless (Profound Lore)
4 Myrkur Mareridt (Relapse)
5 Cloakroom Time Well (Relapse)
6 Ufomammut 8 (Neurot)
7 Wolves In The Throne Room Thrice Woven (Artemisia)
8 Disma The Graveless Remains (Profound Lore)
9 With The Dead Love From With The Dead (Rise Above)
10 Spectral Voice Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing (Dark Descent)