A Complete Idiot’s Guide To Guided By Voices: All 25 Albums Ranked

Because everyone loves lists, especially fans of their Uncle Bob

Not counting 1995’s King Shit And The Golden Boys (a rarities/outtakes collection) and 1996’s Tonics And Twisted Chasers (a Robert Pollard/Tobin Sprout “postal rock” effort released under the Guided By Voices name), Space Gun is GBV’s 25th proper album. To honor that arbitrary milestone, here’s a nonbinding ranking of them all. Disclaimer: A low spot on the list doesn’t mean the LP isn’t good. And remember: We are with you in your anger. —Matt Hickey

1. Bee Thousand
2. Under The Bushes Under The Stars
3. Alien Lanes
4. Same Place The Fly Got Smashed
5. Universal Truths And Cycles
6. Mag Earwhig!
7. Propeller
8. Vampire On Titus
9. Space Gun
10. Devil Between My Toes
11. How Do You Spell Heaven
12. August By Cake
13. Earthquake Glue
14. Isolation Drills
15. Half Smiles Of The Decomposed
16. Self-Inficted Aerial Nostalgia
17. Do The Collapse
18. Class Clown Spots A UFO
19. Sandbox
20. The Bears For Lunch
21. Cool Planet
22. Let’s Go Eat The Factory
23. English Little League
24. Motivational Jumpsuit
25. Please Be Honest