Throwback Thursday: Inara George And The Bird And The Bee

Hopefully, you just read our brand-new Essential New Music review of Inara George’s Dearest Everybody. In case you didn’t, it’s here. Now, we’re gonna throw it back a few years to couple previous MAGNET appearances George has made alongside two very talented men in her life.

First, our profile of the Bird And The Bee, George’s duo with multiple-Grammy-winning super producer Greg Kurstin (if we listed everyone he’s worked with here, it would crash the internet):

The Bird And The Bee: Busy Bees

Second, read what the legendary Van Dyke Parks (Beach Boys, Randy Newman, Joanna Newsom, et al) had to say about George in MAGNET:

From The Desk Of Van Dyke Parks: “An Invitation” By Inara George