MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Saint Marilyn’s “Tangle” EP

May 18 is a big day in the life for Brooklyn’s Saint Marilyn: The synth-pop duo of Che Houston (how freaking cool is that name?) and Kevin Marksson will release its debut EP, Tangle (Really Great Gum; pre-order here). The two started playing together toward the end of 2013 as a drums-and-guitar outfit but soon excommunicated the six-strings and began worshipping at the altar of vintage synths. It was then that Saint Marilyn rose from the ashes.

Houston and Marksson will be celebrating the release of the self-produced Tangle on May 19 at their hometown’s Alphaville (get tickets here). So if you want to go and also be familiar with the songs from the EP, we’ve got you covered: We’re streaming Tangle exclusively at Says Houston of the EP, “The songs on Tangle are filled with lyrics about how much we get hurt by the things that we love the most. Whether that’s about the frustrations of writing music on ‘Matchless,’ our homes and the city we live in on ‘Jaws’ or, in the case of ‘Burn Burn Burn,’ the intensity of loving another person. We talk a lot about push-and-pull dynamics, and even the title of the album means two things: Tangle is a fight, but it’s also an embrace. I think we do the same thing instrumentally. It’s big rock ‘n’ roll drums and bass, but it’s also filled with quiet synths and anxious energies that needed to be expressed.”

Let Tangle be your guide to recognizing your patron saints of expression.