Four Aces: Kimya Dawson, AJJ, Shellshag And Rozwell Kid Rock Philly

A great quadruple bill is something to savor and appreciate. In all honestly, they don’t happen as much as they once did, back when we used to walk to rock clubs uphill both ways in the snow, barefoot, and the legal drinking age was 57 so we would need to sneak in the back door and do as many hard drugs as possible before the show started. (OK, we’re exaggerating; we did own sandals.)

Anyway, our hometown just had an awesome quadruple bill at Union Transfer when co-headliners Kimya Dawson and AJJ and openers Shellshag and Rozwell Kid hit the City Of Brotherly Love And Sisterly Affection on this amazing fall tour. MAGNET photographer Chris Sikich was there to join in this indie-punk four play.

Kimya Dawson



Rozwell Kid